Safe transportation of goods: A model worth learning from foreign enterprises

In early March 2022, there were consecutive unfortunate accidents related to the fastening of coils during transportation, raising alarm bells that need clear regulations for this activity.

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Compliance with safety regulations in the transportation of goods is built into a compliance culture for all 3 of NS BlueScope's factories in Vietnam.

On March 15, on Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard (Binh Hung Commune, Binh Chanh District, Ho Chi Minh City), tens of tons of steel coils on the tractor truck broke the chain when the car braked sharply, rolled over the cabin, luckily. No human damage.

Previously, also on this route, there was an incident where two steel coils on the tractor truck suddenly broke the chain, fell and injured a man selling lottery tickets on the roadside.

These are two of many serious accidents related to falling steel coils, but so far there are no specific regulations on tying this type of cargo.

There has been a pioneer from foreign enterprises

Faced with that situation, NS BlueScope Vietnam is considered as a pioneer in lashing safety in transporting steel coils.

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The process of transporting steel coils meets global standards, ensuring strict safety from the factory to the place of delivery.

Right from the first days of operation, the company has applied the group's common standards in Australia, and issued a set of fastening guidelines for horizontal coils and vertical coils for all factories in Vietnam, Build a safety culture at the highest level with these regulations.

In particular, these regulations have completely met the rigorous testing requirements and are certified by the Australian National Transport Commission.

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NS BlueScope Vietnam's guide on coil lashing has been certified by the Australian National Transport Commission.

The standards used take into account factors such as the weight of the coil, the direction of the coil (horizontal or vertical), the use of steel or millet, the coefficient of friction of the anti-slip mat. how much, how many chains is safe, how much tension is on the chains and how many kilometers the driver needs to stop to check the slack of the chain...

These calculations have been tested before practical application, not only to ensure safety when the vehicle transporting steel coils moves in normal conditions, but also in emergency cases such as sudden braking and collisions. … the steel coil will not break the chain or fall from the mooring position.

During more than two decades of operation in Vietnam, this coated steel business from Australia has never recorded any unfortunate accidents related to falling steel coils during transportation, even though coils are considered products. having large structure, heavy tonnage, easy to fall, requiring complicated transportation process.

“Many people say that it takes luck to not have problems when transporting this type of cargo. But if there is no problem in a long process of many years, then luck is not enough, it must also come from a methodical process for every stage in the transportation process, technical calculations, reasonable tying. and strictly follow that process”, said the representative of NS BlueScope Vietnam.

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All lashing standards are tested before being put into practice and certified by the Australian National Transport Commission.

Safety culture “top to bottom”

Currently, NS BlueScope has three factories in Vietnam with a system of hundreds of agents and over 100 authorized stores of BlueScope Zacs. Every year, the company supplies over 150,000 tons of Colorbond steel, 1 million Zacs roofs and many other galvanized steel products to the market.

Therefore, NS BlueScope Vietnam has built a culture of safety at all levels, from leadership to employees, for a common goal of eliminating all potential risks and avoiding harmful impacts to the community. .

To achieve this, the company organizes training sessions for freight drivers, and also has "hands-on" instruction sessions to help drivers practice themselves, to become a pure skill. shrewd.

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Train drivers on chain tension when transporting coils.

In addition, 100% of cargo trucks are checked for lashing techniques and weighed before leaving the factory and entering traffic. The transportation from the factory to the means of transport is also mechanized to minimize human error.

In 2021 alone, there were nearly 11,500 traffic accidents nationwide. If NS BlueScope Vietnam's safe transportation model is replicated, it is believed that the number of unfortunate accidents occurring each year will decrease.